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Create stunning designs with confidence

Our licensing terms are easy, to give you as much creative freedom as possible.
Kittl allows you to create designs using: Brand Assets, graphics,
illustrations, templates, fonts and other materials (hereinafter as “Designs”).


Designs can be used for:

Personal, commercial or commissioned projects

Commissioned projects mean: Designs created by you for another person – for example, your client, employer, or contractor

Physical end products for sale

Multiple clients and multiple projects

Websites, apps, or video games

Only as rasterized images

Physical and digital Ads

Only as rasterized images

Social media posts

Only as rasterized images


You may not:

Redistribute, sublicense or share the source files of Designs anywhere

Make Designs available for download on other platforms than Kittl

Resell Designs as stock material

Claim exclusive rights to use Designs

Use Designs in a way that infringes intellectual property of brand assets or other elements

Use Designs in a way that competes with Kittl’s business

Use Designs for pornographic, illegal or immoral purposes


If you have questions to publishing designs, don’t hesitate to contact us.
We’ll get back within 24hours.

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