One Image, Infinite Variations

Remove backgrounds from product photos and place them into stunning AI-generated scenes

How It Works

1. Upload Photo

Upload your product photo, and let Kittl AI automatically remove the background.

2. Select or Create Own Scenes

Choose a pre-designed scene or create a custom background by writing what you envision.

3. Download or Continue Editing

Download your new product photo in high-resolution or further enhance it using Kittl's user-friendly editor.

Say Goodbye to Expensive Photoshoots

Elevate your brand presence and boost your sales

Cost-effective Solution

Reuse the same product image and generate multiple variations, saving money on photoshoots and creating high-quality visuals for your business.

Endless Variations

Place your product into new AI-generated scenes, creating endless variations of professionally looking photos for your website, social media, and promotional materials.

Sales-Boosting Use Cases

Online Store

Create stunning website visuals with Kittl AI scenes and maximize customer delight and engagement.

Social Media Content

Stand out from the competition and never run out of new images for your social media.

Product Mockups

Get the right in-situ photos for your product with high quality backgrounds.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use an AI Product Backgrounds?

Kittl AI Product Backgrounds Generator saves you time and resources by creating endless variations from the same product photo. Get professional-quality product shots that capture attention and drive sales.

How are AI-generated backgrounds created?

AI-generated backgrounds are made by using deep learning models which are trained with a large dataset of images along with their corresponding text descriptions. The model learns the relationship between the text and images and can then generate new image background from new text descriptions.

How many credits do I have and how can I get more?

Every new user (with a verified email account) gets 15 AI credits. You can upgrade to Pro or Expert plans to get additional credits that will renew every month with your subscription plan. By subscribing you also get access to other Kittl premium features like Kittl editor, design templates, mockup generator and others.

Can I use AI-generated content for commercial projects?

You can use AI-generated content for commercial projects, as long as you follow our terms of use and licensing. It's important to keep in mind that Kittl does not assure that the images generated will be suitable for use, especially if they resemble someone else's work. If you plan to use the images for commercial purposes, such as selling them, it's recommended to consult with a legal expert to ensure compliance with local laws.

What are the rules to use Kittl's AI Products Background feature?

You are not allowed to use text-to-image features for pornographic, illegal or immoral purposes. You are not allowed to generate images of public figures. Do not use AI text-to-image to generate images of recognizable characters or brands, these may be protected by copyright or trademark laws. It's important to obtain permission from the rights holder before using these images. Kittl cannot grant such permission.

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