Benefits of the program:

Go Viral - Get Global Exposure!

Your content will be shared on our social channels, potentially reaching millions of views

Competitive Payments

Receive competitive compensation for promoting Kittl on your social media platforms

Exclusive Sneak Peeks and Early Access

Receive exclusive sneak peeks into upcoming products and new features

Who can join the program?

We are looking for individuals who regularly create captivating content related to Kittl's products and features. Including:

  • Social media content creators with
    more than 10 thousand followers
  • Podcasters with more than
    10 thousand monthly listeners
  • Course creators with more than
    10 thousand monthly students

How does it work?

1. Join the Kittl Influencer Program

Apply to become a Kittl Partner here

2. Promote Kittl to your community

Create engaging content and work with the Kittl team to maximize performance. We’re here to help you get global exposure!

3. Gain Rewards

Earn attractive commissions and enjoy exclusive perks by sharing Kittl with your community

Become a Kittl Valuable Influencer

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Rich Khun

I just keep saying it's dope. You can create complex designs very easily.


Sandra Di

Finally, an easy-to-use graphic design software that offers high-quality downloads, graphics, and fonts with a commercial license for our products and clear licensing terms! With Kittl's super customizable features, it has been my go-to platform for creating all the designs for my business.


Will Paterson

Kittl has been an invaluable resource for our company this year. Their many fonts are of excellent quality and I’ve really enjoyed creating some stunning designs with them!

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to become a Kittl Influencer?

You are an active creator with an engaged audience, and you consistently reach over 10,000 views per post.

How long do I have to wait, to get an answer to my application?

Our team reviews applications weekly, with a maximum waiting time of five business days.

What’s the difference between Kittl’s Affiliate Program and Influencer Program?

The Kittl Affiliate Program and Kittl Influencer Program offer distinct opportunities for collaboration.

Kittl Affiliate Program:
This program is ideal for individuals or businesses looking to earn commissions by promoting Kittl's products or services with a unique referral link. Kittl affiliates receive basic support from the Kittl Team.

Kittl Influencer Program:
This program is for those who want to establish a deeper, long-term relationship with Kittl. Influencers typically collaborate on a broader level, working closely with Kittl to co-create content, develop strategies, and enhance brand visibility. The Influencer Program often goes beyond simple commissions and involves a more comprehensive and strategic alliance.