How does it work?

1. Create Design Templates

Create and publish premium templates
that your fans love to use.

2. Share Your Profile Link

Insert your profile link to your bio on social media,
or share it directly.

3. Earn Passive Income

Each time your template is used, you'll receive
a payout at the end of the month.

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Why Creators love Kittl

No Professional Tools

Create stunning designs that usually require professional software.

Increase Engagement

The easiest way to share editable designs with your community.


Your community can start working with your designs immediately - no software or file downloads are needed.

Powerful Graphic Engine

Easily use any vector elements in SVG via drag-and-drop.

Creator Support

Give your community a new way to support you through your own creative work.

Interactive Experience

Provide a great user experience to your clients...without struggles with additional tools.

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to become a Kittl Creator?

You have an audience that loves your designs. Your designs match the Kittl quality standards. In the beginning, we can only take on applications step by step but we have a waiting list in place, so we'll be able to notify you as soon as possible.

How long do I have to wait, to get an answer to my application?

We get back within one week.

How do I earn money with templates?

As a Kittl Creator, you can publish templates as "Premium" content. Premium content can be used by Kittl Expert users only. Payments from these accounts are distributed to all creators based on the number of users using your templates. Additionally, we have a "Revenue Boost" where we’ll pay an additional percentage over your earnings every month based on your monthly approved designs (you can earn up to 70% more!)

How do I publish a premium template?

Once we approved your application to become a Kittl Creator, you will have the option to publish templates as premium content from your design publishing modal. Simply use the toggle and switch on "Publish as Premium Template".

How much can I earn with my templates?

The Kittl Creator program just started and is still in a testing period to make sure to provide the best source of passive income for creators like yourself. A template can make easily $10 per month with superstar templates reaching earnings of $200 or more per month.

How is my payout calculated?

As a Kittl creator, you’ll receive royalties based on your content performance. The size of our Royalty Pool grows with Kittl’s revenues and is calculated every month. The exact numbers month-per-month are confidential business information. The royalty pool is distributed across all creators based on the number of times their designs have been used. How much you’ll receive from the royalty pool will depend on the number of uses your premium template had. You'll also receive an additional percentage over your earnings based on the number of designs approved every month (you can earn up to 70% more!).

How do I receive payouts?

You receive monthly documentation including the number of your template usages and earnings. The payout will be done via Paypal only.

How can I make that my templates are being used?

Promote your profile URL to your community who love your designs. Easily copy and paste your profile link into any bio on other platforms and social media to increase the number of uses of your designs. This leads to higher payouts. Also, make sure to insert relevant search tags when publishing a design. These search tags allow users to find your template.