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Seamlessly integrated into your design process

Select the input image from your Uploads folder, whether something you’ve added yourself, or created by Kittl AI Image Generation. In just one click, watch it transform into a high resolution image, ready to take forward in your design. Already cropped your image? No problem, our AI Image Upscaler can transform the cropped image into super resolution too

Create high quality designs for Print

AI Image Upscaling is perfect for a print use case. We will automatically transform the image resolution to a maximum of 4096x4096 pixels, ensuring you don’t lose any image detail for your printed designs. You can continue to apply further edits to the upscaled image, or download in any format

Frequently asked questions

When should I use Upscaling?

Upscaling is a process whereby AI enhances an input image by scaling its dimension and resolution, without compromising quality . Upscaling can serve multiple use cases where larger images are needed without any loss of resolution, for example for some Print projects

What is the maximum resolution I can upscale to?

The maximum size is 4096x4096 pixels. We support landscape and portrait aspect ratios too, but height and width will not exceed 4096x4096

Is there a minimum size it will accept?

The minimum input image size is 256x256 pixels

Can I upscale the same image multiple times?

No, with one click we automatically upscale the image to the maximum

What happens if I have cropped my image first?

The cropped image will be upscaled, and the upscaled cropped version will be saved to your folder

Where can I find the upscaled image?

The upscaled image is automatically placed onto your Artboard, in place of the original input image. It is also saved in your Uploads, in a folder called Upscaled Images

Does the original image get saved?

Yes, the original image will remain available in your Uploads folder as usual

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