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Instantly convert any image into an SVG: Simply upload, select between sleek monochrome or vibrant color mode, and receive a fully editable vector. Enjoy one-click background removal and the flexibility to change your vector's colors.

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How to use Kittl's SVG converter

step 1 of SVG Conversion: Upload an image and optionally remove background

1. Upload Your Image & Remove Background

The SVG Converter works with any image in JPG or PNG format. Want just the main part of your picture? Remove the background with one click before converting your image into SVG.

2. Choose Color Mode & Convert Your Vector

Pick 'Monochrome' for black and white or 'Full Color' for a vibrant vector, then click 'Vectorize' to begin the conversion.

3. Edit & Download Your SVG

Once converted, you have two options: Download your image as an SVG file directly, or open it in the Kittl Editor to tweak colors and export in various file formats.

Turn Your Image Into a SVG File Effortlessly

Simply upload your image in PNG or JPG format, let our advanced AI technology vectorize it, and export it seamlessly as SVG. The fun doesn't stop there - use the freshly vectorized image with our other AI tools and the Kittl editor to create stunning designs.

Edit Colors of Your SVG. Shown is a vectorized cate with edited colors.

Easily Change the Colors of Your SVG

Changing colors in your vector designs is straightforward with Kittl. Open the editor, head to 'Uploads', add your SVG, and click to switch up colors or apply different palettes. Kittl simplifies color management for all your vector illustrations.

Get more with Kittl - Customize the Vector Tracing

In the Kittl Editor, the Vectorizer is even more powerful: specify the exact number of colors for your vector art and utilize photo filters to fine-tune your SVG outputs. Precise control for pristine vectorization.

Vectorized Cat in Spacesuit. - Demonstrating the SVG Converter in the Kittl Editor
Kittl Editor with Vector/SVG Design

Kittl - The Vector Design Tool

Explore thousands of templates and leverage its advanced vector editing features to bring your creative visions to life. Its intuitive interface and integrated AI tools make it a versatile and indispensable tool for designers.

Trusted by Designers Everywhere

"Vector artwork is soooo good with Kittl AI"
Hilary B.

"Finally found a no-drama SVG converter! Kittl's one-click background removal is a godsend for my craft projects. "
Jessie N.

"Kittl's converter is clutch for my tee designs. I get clean, scalable vectors every time."
Mike L.

"It's user-friendly and the vectors come out looking pro. Huge help for my portfolio!"
Erin F.

Frequently Asked Questions about SVG Conversion

What is a SVG file?

An SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) is a versatile image format that defines graphics with vectors rather than pixels, allowing for infinite scaling without loss of quality. This makes it ideal for logos and interface elements that need to maintain sharpness across diverse sizes and resolutions.

What are SVG files best for?

SVGs excel in design situations requiring scalability and manipulation, such as responsive web graphics, icons, and branding elements. Their path-based structure allows designers to easily alter shapes, sizes, and colors without compromising on fidelity, ensuring visuals remain consistent across all mediums.

How do I save an image as SVG?

To convert any image to an SVG:

  • Use Kittl's SVG Converter online.
  • Upload your image.
  • Click 'Vectorize'.
  • Download the SVG file.

How do I open a vectorized image in the Kittl Editor?

To edit a vectorized image in Kittl:

  • Go to 'Uploads' in the left hand menu of the Kittl Editor
  • Select your SVG
  • Drag it to you project to change colors or create a design in Kittl