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Focus on the Job

Designing on Infinite Canvas simplifies file management and cuts down organizational tasks. Enjoy an efficient workflow with infinite space for creativity.

Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Canvas let’s you create projects that require multiple pages or different formats such as:

• Multichannel Marketing Campaigns
• Booklets
• Two-Sided Cards
• Brand Kits

Rapid Exploration

Infinite Canvas streamlines your design process: easily create and compare variations of your design next to each other. No need to switch between files anymore.

How to use Infinite Canvas

1. Draw a new artboard

Open a project and select the Artboard feature in the top left toolbar. Drag on your canvas to draw a new artboard.

2. Add elements

Open the left toolbar to add elements, photos, or uploaded images to your artboard. By dragging elements onto the artboard they automatically clip.

3. Download artboards

Navigate to the downloads button in the top right of your screen, to download multiple or individual artboards.

Brand boards

Visualize brand identity with cohesive elements like logos and color schemes.


Outline brand aesthetics including typography and imagery for uniformity.

Social Media

Coordinate ads and digital content for unified and impactful marketing.


Combine visuals and text in brochures for effective communication.


Create multi-page presentations with stunning typography and graphics.


Design personalized calendars with unique themes and branding.


Design captivating booklets with ease, leveraging the ability to visualize each page cohesively.


Create collections of eye-catching banners for digital or print use.


Efficiently plan and present ideas on digital whiteboards.

Frequently asked questions

What is Infinite Canvas?

Infinite Canvas allows you to manage multiple artboards or pages within a single project file, expanding your design capabilities and streamlining your workflow.

How does Infinite Canvas benefit my design process?

With Infinite Canvas, you can work on various aspects of a project simultaneously in one file, easily compare design variations, and reduce the clutter of managing multiple files. This enhances efficiency and fosters creativity.

Can I export multiple artboards at once?

Yes, you can export multiple artboards simultaneously, saving time and simplifying the process of sharing or presenting your designs.

Is Infinite Canvas suitable for large-scale projects?

Absolutely! Infinite Canvas is ideal for extensive projects like brand guidelines, multichannel campaigns, and more, as it allows for comprehensive management and visualization of all components in a single space.

Can I customize the size and layout of artboards in Infinite Canvas?

Yes, you can draw artboards in any size and format, giving you full control over your design layout and structure.

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