Reach Millions of People

Launched in 2022, Kittl has revolutionized the way of how millions of people create visuals today.

Meet the Team

At Kittl we are a passionate team of builders & creators, constantly pushing the boundaries in the way we build products, operate and execute.

Our Values

Thoughtful Communication

We meet when it matters and communicate clearly so everyone has space to do their best work.

Striving for Excellence

Good is not enough - to win we strive for excellence, continually raising the bar in any of our own and our teams work. Kittl results are great or excellent.

Never Settle - Let's Go

We are passionate about our work - which means on our way we never settle, always aiming for excellence that impresses everyone and we support each other to get there.

Enjoy the Ride

We take time to enjoy the ups and downs of our work, coming together to celebrate our shared achievements.

Celebrating Difference

We are our best when we have space to be ourselves, so we empower everyone to work on their own terms and value the unique perspective each of us brings.

Head of Growth at Kittl

Valentin Scholz

Previously Head of Product Growth at Revolut

CTO at Kittl

Philipp Rukin

Previously Co-Founder of App-in-the-air

CPO at Kittl

Tobias Saul

Co-Founder of Heritage Type Co. & Kittl

Founder of Intercom

Des Traynor

Advisor & Investor at Kittl

AI Research at Oxford

Jakob Foerster

Associate Professor in AI at the University of Oxford

AI & ML Lead at AWS

Santiago Cabrera-Naranjo

Data, Analytics & AI/ML Lead at Amazon Web Services