Creativity Beyond the Classroom

Within minutes, you can craft unique, eye-catching designs.

Make your projects memorable

Fuel your creativity with Kittl’s built-in library, packed with illustrations, icons, textures, award-winning fonts, and millions of free-to-use photos at your fingertips.

From merch to memes

Every Creation Counts – From personal blogs to funny memes, from artsy gifts to cool merchandise, Kittl is your creative partner.

Empower your community

Rally behind teams & societies, or champion a movement. With Kittl, design posters and merchandise that resonate, inspire, and drive action.

Earn money

Build a brand and earn money. Craft the cards, labels, apparel designs, and more that you've always envisioned.

This Is How Kittl Works

Magical design tools, highly professional templates, precision editing, and more.
Your next-generation design creation platform.

Save time with ready-to-use templates

Choose from thousands of professional designs and customize them with just a few clicks.

Access premium content

Get direct access to premium templates, illustrations, fonts, icons, textures, and more. Customize them with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

We help you grow

With tutorials, how-to videos, and tons of inspiration, we've got everything you need to master Kittl with ease.

Why Students and Teachers Love Kittl

No professional tools

Create stunning designs that usually require professional software.

Creator support

Give your community a new way to support you.

Many Resources available

Access all the resources you need to succeed in your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kittl free for students and teachers?

There are three options available for students and teachers:

1. Students can directly apply to receive a 50% discount on a Pro Kittl plan

2. Student ambassadors need to invite at least 10 classmates to join Kittl, and both you and your referrals will receive a 1-year free Pro Kittl plan.

3. Teachers also need to invite at least 10 students, and both the teacher and all the students referred will get a 1-year free Pro Kittl plan.

How is the process

If you are a student ambassador or teacher, you must first make sure that your referrals have active free Kittl accounts before you submit your application. Once your status as a student or teacher has been verified and the 10 referrals confirmed, we will approve your application and receive your 1 year Pro Plan absolutely FREE.

If you applied as a student (50% off on any plan). After verifying your status as a student, we'll send you a 50% discount code that you can use when purchasing a Pro Kittl plan.

For how long does the Kittl educational plan last?

The subscription is for one year. However, once your account expires, you can apply again.

Who can access Kittl educational plan?

The Kittl educational plan covers K-12 (primary and secondary) educators and students, extending to university and postgraduate levels.

What if I already have a Kittl account?

No problem. After verifying your student or teacher status, we'll upgrade your account automatically.

Who can become an ambassador?

Any student that wants to invite at least 10 friends to join Kittl for free.

Can't find what you are looking for?

If you need assistance or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
We’ll get back within 24hours.