How To Use Kittl AI

1. Open the Kittl AI tool

Open a new project or choose a template to open the Kittl editor. Open Kittl AI from the left toolbar.

2. Write a prompt

Click the text input and describe what you want to see. Be creative and descriptive with your prompt for the best results.

3. Choose an image or clipart style

We recommend choosing an image or clipart style to help Kittl AI find your desired style.

4. Generate your image

Click the Generate Image Button and let Kittl AI create your image. Your image will appear on your artboard, after the loading process ended.

Digital Art

"a landscape where trees are made of giant, luminescent mushrooms and flowers"


"a portrait of a fierce warrior adorned with delicate flower crowns and vines, juxtaposing strength with natural beauty"


"eye of a dragon, close up, majestic and fearless"


"a model at the beach whose face is adorned with shimmering rose colored seashells"

Digital Art

Generates images in a realistic digital painting style. Perfect for portraits, landscapes and more.


Generates images with a psychedelic aura. Perfect for trippy images that are beyond our imagination.

Foggy Scenery

Use this style to create eye-pleasing, atmospheric landscape sceneries.


Generates realistic photography of animals, objects, people and much more.


Generates images in an expressive acrylic painting style – super vibrant and colorful. It's ideal for portraits, landscapes and more.

Oil Painting

Generates images reminding of old masters. The perfect image style to turn a text prompt into a masterpiece.

Palette Knife

Creates rough palette knife paintings with expressive paint strokes and vibrant colors.


Turns your text prompt into a steampunk scenery with gold and copper elements.


Use this style to create beautiful impressionistic paintings reminding of Monet, Renoir or Degas.


Generates a classic painting style with medium detail.


For anime and manga fans – this image style generates characters or landscapes in an anime drawing style.


Generates retro science-fiction images with an 80s graphic style.

Naive Abstract

Turns your text prompt into a naive painting using thick strokes and colorful shapes.

Art Deco

Mimics the style of Art Deco posters of the 20s century using geometric flat shapes.

Vintage Photo

Generates images in the style of 19th century vintage photography.

T-Shirt Graphic

"female portrait, an eccentric creation, nature fun"

Detailed Drawing

"halloween cat, cute and spicy"

Kawaii Icon

"a cartoon batman is standing on a white background"

Detailed Drawing

"cat with a flower hat"

Detailed Drawing

Creates highly detailed colored drawings.

Color Splatter

Turns your text prompt into a colorful inky clipart.

Product Shot

Creates realistic product shots of single elements.

T-Shirt Graphic

Creates creative graphics, perfect for T-shirts.


Creates a simple watercolor illustration.

3D Kawaii Icon

Generates cute 3D icons in a kawaii style.

Pencil Drawing

Creates monochrome pencil drawings of animals, objects or people.

Kawaii Icon

Cute and simple – use this style to generate sweet multicolored kawaii illustrations.


Creates vibrant neon illustrations of animals, objects or people.

AI Background Remover

Turn your generated clipart into a transparent PNG with a single click, ready to use for badges, T-shirt designs, logos, greeting cards, and more.


"a pig with wings"

Line Art

"a beautiful blooming rose"


"a skull and bones"

Vector Art

"a colibri"

Vector Art

Creates beautiful vector art graphics.


Generates a black silhouette, perfect for an icon or flat illustration.

Street Art

Use this style to create rough vector illustrations with an authentic streetart aesthetic.

Stencil Photo

Creates high contrast stencil photos in scalable vector format.

Line Art

Generates minimal vector line drawings.


Generates simplistic vector icons, perfect for logos.

Anime Vector

Creates vector drawings in an anime style.

Vintage Drawing

Generates objects and elements in a vintage illustration style.

Pixel Art

Generates vector pixel icons.


"elephants and colorful flowers"


"cute pumpkins and ghosts"


"colorful tropical flowers and birds"


"grungy vintage paper with wrinkles"


Creates artistic patterns reminding of vintage wallpaper.


Generates vibrant patterns with a painting texture.


Creates glowing, 80s-inspired retro patterns.


Creates patterns reminding of old masters' oil paintings.


Generates any texture you can imagine.


Creates playful patterns in the style of printed wallpapers.


Creates simplistic patterns of flat elements.


Generates kawaii-inspired patterns that spark joy and happiness.


Creates patterns in the style of delft blue painting reminding of porcelain decoration.

Need Inspiration? Copy Prompts From Our AI Art Feed

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Kittl AI without a style preset?

Yes, you do not need to select a style preset to use the feature.

Where can I find my generated content?

Your generated images are stored in your Uploads section. To open the uploads section, open the Kittl editor and click the uploads icon in the left toolbar.

Why should I use an AI image generator?

Kittl AI removes any boundaries in graphic creation. With AI image tools, you can create faster and save money and resources.

How are AI-generated images created?

AI-generated images are made by using deep learning models which are trained with a large dataset of images along with their corresponding text descriptions. The model learns the relationship between the text and images and can then generate new images from new text descriptions.

Can I use AI-generated content for commercial projects?

You can use AI-generated content for commercial projects, as long as you follow our terms of use and licensing. It's important to keep in mind that Kittl does not assure that the images generated will be suitable for use, especially if they resemble someone else's work. If you plan to use the images for commercial purposes, such as selling them, it's recommended to consult with a legal expert to ensure compliance with local laws.

What are the rules to use Kittl's text-to-image features?

You are not allowed to use text-to-image features for pornographic, illegal or immoral purposes. You are not allowed to generate images of public figures. Do not use AI text-to-image to generate images of recognizable characters or brands, these may be protected by copyright or trademark laws. It's important to obtain permission from the rights holder before using these images. Kittl cannot grant such permission.