Generate Quotes in 3 Simple Steps

1. Pick a niche for your quote

Choose a niche from our library or enter your own to define the topic of your quotes.

2. Pick a mood and length

Should it sound funny, inspirational, smart, or romantic? Easily define the tone of your quote by picking a mood.

3. Generate your quotes

Kittl AI generates 12 unique quotes to use for your merch products. Simply open the quotes in the editor, copy, or download them for later.

Boost Your Sales

Tailor quotes to specific niches, themes, or audiences to ensure your merchandise connects with your target customers.

Save Time and Effort

Generate compelling quotes in seconds, eliminating lengthy research and brainstorming sessions, and speeding up your design process.

Guaranteed Quality & Flexibility

Kittl's AI-driven algorithms consistently deliver creative and high-quality quotes for your every need.


Craft unique slogans or phrases for t-shirts, hats, mugs, and other merchandise.

Greeting Cards

Produce a range of heartfelt, funny, or inspirational messages tailored for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.

Social Media Content

Generate catchy and relevant quotes to accompany your posts, enhancing engagement and shareability.

Wall Art & Home Decor

Create motivational or aesthetic quotes for posters, wall decals, and other home decor items.

Educational Materials

Generate insightful quotes to include in presentations, lesson plans, or classroom posters.

Advertising Campaigns

Craft compelling taglines or phrases for your campaigns, ensuring the message resonates with your target audience.

Used by brands and creators

Warner BrosHarley DavidsonNetflixMilkaOgilvyRavensburgerPenguinWarner BrosHarley DavidsonNetflixMilkaOgilvyRavensburgerPenguin

Juna Duncan

Kittl is such a powerful tool, especially text effects! And it's all online too. It really helps create t-shirt designs easily.


Will Paterson

Kittl has been an invaluable resource for our company this year. Their many fonts are of excellent quality and I’ve really enjoyed creating some stunning designs with them!


Rich Khun

I just keep saying it's dope. You can create complex designs very easily.

Frequently asked questions

What is the AI Quote Generator?

The AI Quote Generator is a tool that uses advanced algorithms to craft unique and relevant quotes tailored for various merchandise and niches.

How does the AI Quote Generator work?

By leveraging machine learning and vast databases of language patterns, the generator produces quotes based on specified themes, niches, or target audiences.

Is every quote generated unique?

While the Kittl AI strives for originality, there might be occasional similarities. However, the vast combinations ensure a high degree of uniqueness for each quote.

Can I customize the generated quotes further?

Absolutely! The generated quotes serve as a foundation. Feel free to tweak or combine them to fit your specific needs.

How fast is the quote generation process?

Almost instantaneous! Once you input your preferences, Kittl AI crafts quotes in mere seconds.

Is there a limit to how many quotes I can generate?

With every generation, you get 12 quotes. Each generation takes 1 credit.

How do I ensure the quotes resonate with my target audience?

The AI Quote Generator allows you to specify niches, moods, and lengths to ensure relevance. However, always consider testing and getting feedback for best results.

Are there any copyright restrictions with using the generated quotes?

Quotes generated are typically free from copyright restrictions, but we recommend consulting with legal advice for specific use cases, especially for commercial purposes.

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