Publishing Designs

Kittl is based on a creative community, which helps each other – finding new inspiration and design approaches. Anyone is welcome to publish their creations to share them with the community.Publishing designs to the community means publishing a copy of your project to the public to be usable and modifiable by other users. Anyone who uses your design gets a new copy, which doesn’t affect your original version. You can publish designs for any category such as Logos, Labels, T-Shirts, Cards, Posters or Other.

Copyright and Licensing

Any design you publish to the community will be released under our license agreement. This means that other users are free to use, modify or share the design, even for commercial purposes. By publishing a design, you agree to these license terms.

Published Designs

Published designs are shown on the News page. This allows other users to browse, search, comment and like your designs. Additionally, our team reviews published designs, and possibly features them on the Featured feed to be accessible in the editor as well.Published designs are also visible on your profile page, where other users are able to follow you to see new creations by you in their notifications and on top of their news feed.

Remixed Designs

You can publish designs which are based on existing design templates, but include modifications in text, color, elements or layout. These designs will be automatically tagged with an “Remix” badge and include a link to the source file.

How it works

  1. Create a design using our editor
  2. Open the sharing tab and choose “Publish to Community”
  3. Add a name for your design, category, search tags, and a description
  4. Publish design to community


Please follow these guidelines when publishing a design:

  • Use fictive text instead of “Your Name Here” or similar random text fillers
  • Don’t use text which could infringe copyrights ex. real brand names
  • Create a good layers structure
  • Avoid a large color palette
  • Only include external content, if you are the sole owner of it
  • Don’t use pornographic, illegal or immoral contents


If you have questions to publishing designs, don’t hesitate to contact us.
We’ll get back within 24hours.