Using Credits on Kittl

What are credits?

Credits are the currency of Kittl. With credits, you can access various AI features like the AI Image Generator, AI Product Background Generator, AI Image Upscaler and AI Quote Generator. Each generation requires credits, so you can think of them as tokens to unleash your creativity.

How do I get credits?

Kittl offers three subscription tiers, each with a different number of credits:

  1. Free Plan: 20 credits (non-renewing)
    Perfect for those who want to try out Kittl's features without any commitment.
  2. Pro Plan: 30 credits per day
    Ideal for regular users who need a consistent number of credits to bring their designs to life.
  3. Expert Plan: 80 credits per day
    Tailored for those passionate about design and seeking an enhanced Kittl experience.

Where can I view my credit balance?

You can view your credit balance in the subscription tab within your account settings.

Do my credits roll over?

No, credits do not roll over. For Pro and Expert plans the credit balance resets every 24 hours at 00:00 (EST), regardless of how many credits you used the previous day.

Earn more with Referrals!

Want to earn more credits? Introduce your friends to Kittl! With our referral program, you can earn 100 credits for every friend you invite. It's a win-win: your friends get to discover the magic of Kittl, and you get more credits to play with.

How do I access credits I earned from referrals or challenges?

Earned credits are listed in your Account Settings - Subscription. These non-recurring credits will be used when you run out of daily credits.

In conclusion

Credits are the gateway to Kittl's innovative AI features. Whether you're on the Free, Pro, or Expert plan, there's a credit package tailored to your needs. And remember, if you ever run low, you can always invite a friend and earn more. Happy designing.


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