March 29, 2023

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Make Vector Graphics with Kittl AI

Make Vector Graphics with Kittl AI

We are beyond excited to be sharing Kittl AI with you, our newest feature inside of Kittl. With Kittl AI, you can generate a variety of graphics made from AI, from photos and clip art (like Kawaii styles), and even vector art! Just select one of our pre-made styles once you have typed in your prompt, and watch Kittl do all of the magic! Then, you can even remove the background from your image using Kittl's AI Background remover tool, so that you get a clean cutout of your subject or object. Or, use our photo editing panel to change the look and feel of your image. Whatever you are making, Kittl AI is sure to give you a great graphic! So sign up for the waitlist to get 100 AI credits!